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– To allow employees to attend family commitment on occasions, subject to length of service, the following forms of family-friendly leave are provided:

  • 5 or 7 working days’ full-pay paternity leave
  • 5 working days’ full-pay adoption leave
  • 2 working days’ full-pay bereavement leave, with up to 3 working days’ additional leave to employees attending occasions outside Hong Kong

– Statutory maternity leave is provided on full-pay basis.

– To support the pursuit of academic activities or taking up of academic scholarships, sabbatical leave and academic leave on full-pay basis are provided.

Flexibility is extended to allow local activities and receipt of support and/or pecuniary reward to cover necessary travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses at reasonable standard.

All of the above are subject to respective conditions of provisions and grant. Details are obtainable via the respective homepages accessible to University employees.

  1. Family-friendly leave
  2. Maternity leave
  3. Support for scholarly activities – Sabbatical Leave and Academic Leave