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– The University adopts 5-day work week to foster work-life balance under which flexible work arrangements may be considered.

– To make breastfeeding compatible with work, the University introduces breastfeeding friendly measures at workplace which include the provision of lactation breaks (i.e. twice a day, each of 30 minutes), space with privacy and refrigerator for implementation at departments/units.

– For academic appointees who are subject to a major review for substantiation of appointment, a candidate close to the said review can request an extension of the time limit on grounds of maternity or prolonged leave arising from sickness.

All of the above are subject to respective conditions of provisions and grant. Details are obtainable via the respective homepages accessible to University employees.

1. Five-day Work Week and Flexible Work Arrangements

2. Advisory Guidelines on the Provision of Lactation Breaks

3. Deferral of Review for Substantiation for Teaching Staff